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High quality in each nuance

We offer whole range of services in order to create visually attractive and effective advertising materials.


We comply with the mission of the product and realize it in a meaningful way. Nothing is accidental in the choice of colors and design, the size of the advertising material. Our task is to create visual communication reaching the public in the most effective way. For that reason we take into consideration a lot of marketing, esthetic and psychological factors. The only thing our clients have to do is to trust us.

Design of print materials

Creative design is ultimate expression of a brand idea. Successful design can tell a story, it can cross all borders, provoke emotions and alter the product perception.


Precise prepress is an essential prerequisite for perfect advertising. It requires close attention to each detail of the printed advertisement – from the color variations and graphic elements to the overall attractive vision.

Digital print

Digital printing is an excellent choice for small amounts of printing items. It allows customizing of the copies and low production costs. We use the highest class digital printer Xerox DocuColor 5000 that has the following advantages:


Media of 320/488 мм and maximal format of the printed image up to 316/480 мм


High speed printing on a wide range of media


Automatic two-sided print on paper


Front and back image control of the printed material


The settings of each side of the sheet can be individually changed from the control panel


Work with great variety of print media with density of 60g to 300g

Finishing operations

trimming, scoring, folding, booklet making,  composition and overlay, hard cover, foilpacking, spiral binding, perforating, lamination, die cutting, nomeration, personalisation


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